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EICS represents unique solution that will dramatically improve Emergency Management Centers (EMC)'s efficiency in responding to a rapidly developing emergency event. This is done by means of placing in the hands of EMC dispatchers and decision makers a bevy of information, processes and resource control( e.g. communication channels), in such a way, that will facilitate the efficient and timely execution of procedures/actions to effectively react, the active emergencies/crises. Pre-defined scenarios and procedures guide dispatchers through the painful proces of fast response and recommend to decision makers correct courses of action based on pre-planned plans of actions and procedures for each possible emergency. EICS oversees and enforces manual procedures, and automatically executes automated procedures. All available communication channels (phones, radios, etc) are placed in the hands of professional dispatchers who are able to use and control them far more effectively using user friendly EICS dispatch terminal. All the communication channels can be linked in order to facilitate communication and coordination between different parties in the field. Due to EICS flexibility it may also be integrated with existing legacy EMC systems to both receive alerts and to issue commands/directives.


All this is be possible, without requiring an upgrade of existing communication networks or other equipment already in use - making this solution very efficient economically. EICS solution supports existing Analog radios, Digital Radios, iDEN and GSM cellular phones, TETRA, and land-line telephones - linking all these diverse sources into a single, managed system, with all its resources available at the fingertips of the users.


A useful feature using the EICS system is the ability to link diverse communication networks already in existence into a single large network which enables communication between First responder groups carrying analog radios; another group carrying, for instance Tetra handsets and third parties which are using mobile phones or land lines. Such linkage can be created, or broken, either due to a human decision at the EMS, or automatically by the EICS, based on a pre-defined SOP.

EICS includes three products, with the unique feature of being completely integrated into a single solution (one system).

The dispatch Terminal


An Emergency Response System (ERS)


A Dispatch Interoperability SERVER (DIS)


E! 5381