Research conducted in the fields of information and communication technologies are initiated either upon request or within their development plans or in collaboration with partners. The methodology applied in the research includes studies by default themes or areas. Analyze and evaluate the obtained results. The goal usually is the development of appropriate algorithms or someone 's design prototypes that will allow the implementation of analysis necessary for successful implementation of the project . Development and analysis of new or significantly improved existing algorithms or prototypes will be realized through systematic work based on the theoretical and practical knowledge coordinator method development research. Professional development or research or experimental development is systematic work , based on the knowledge gained in basic and applied research , and practical experience , which is primarily focused on the introduction of new or significantly improve existing processes , products and services, or to improve existing or the introduction of a new organization. Also referred to as technological development, and that all the procedures that occur between invention and production .

Developmental research is being conducted in several phases in the laboratory or real conditions

The first phase

The first phase usually includes evaluation and calibration of equipment by means of which will facilitate the development itself.

The second phase

The second phase is focused on developing specialized algorithms or prototypes and tested in simulated conditions because of the insight into their performance, and determining further improvements. Tests will be performed iteratively to obtain satisfactory results, and each stage will be preceded by the evaluation of the previous. After reaching satisfactory results testing in real conditions is applied.

The third phase

The third phase includes testing in real conditions. Realistic conditions imply a complex environment in which we are testing maximum efficiency of algorithms and prototypes. By achieving a defined level of quality of algorithms or prototypes, preconditions are realized for their implementation. Knowledge transfer will be accomplished through the implementation of the developed algorithm and associated analysis of the system, and thus the goal of raising competitiveness.


Laboratory for the development of prototypes

Laboratory for development is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the design and development of electronic systems and prototypes. Equipment includes all the necessary tools for the design and development of printed circuit boards, measuring devices for testing electronic circuits, microwave circuits and damage to electronic equipment and devices.

Laboratory for development of software algorithms

Laboratory for the development of software solutions is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the development of complex software solutions. Every workplace is equipped with a development workstation and a PC. The computers are connected to a common network that provides server computers designed for developing applications. On the server computers are SQL databases intended development of complex IT systems.


- Spectrum analyzer Advantest U3751 with tracking option - Rohde & Schwarz RF Signal generator SM 300 - HP Agilent spectrum analyzer 8592B - HP Agilent RF power meter 437B with 26 GHz measuring probe - Schlumberger Stabilock 4031 communication test set (NMT with B option generator) - Schlumberger Stabilock 4032 communication test set (with GSM, NMT testing SW , mobile/network) - RIGOL DG1022 arbitrary function generator - ITT GX240 Metrix Function generator and frequency metar - TTI PFM 3000 Frequency counter - Tektronix digital storage oscilloscope TDS 2022 - Hitachi V252 analouge osillloscope - Wavetek FIT-Tester (actiev handheld antenna/transmitter tester) - COM2700 active SWR meter - PROCOM SWR400-1000 active SWR meter - ESR1 digital esr meter - Intonix Logic port 34 channel logic analyser - Velleman PPS10 Handheld osciloscope - Monacor ZM100 digital impedance meter - Wavetek, Metrix, UT handheld instruments (normal & TRUE RMS) – total 8 pcs - Noyes MLP1-2 optical test set (850nm, 1150nm, 1300nm, 1310nm) - GI206 Audio generator with impedance test kit

Developing tools

Through a partnership with Microsoft all the necessary development tools are secured. Company is developing in the direction of Open Source technologies especially in the field of telecommunications services based on Asterisk platform.