AIS system

A system for automatic identification of ships - AIS system consists of two parts. Infrastructure piece of equipment that includes an AIS base stations, radio network and communications infrastructure, control centers and sub-centers and shipping piece of equipment that includes AIS transponders with accompanying equipment. This controller integrated system allows each user (the board) to the ship's radar interface receives data on ships (which include position, name of ship, course and speed, classification, call sign, registration number, MMSI and other information maneuver involving CPA, TCPA ). Position of the ship is clearly visible on a digital nautical charts that are part of the system. To make the system able to function it is necessary to perform quality planning to ensure 100% coverage of routes in internal waters and territorial sea of ​​the Croatian.

System Planning and development of the conceptual design of radio network

Calculation of Radio Link
Detailed modeling of RF propagation
Fine-tuning and optimization
Continuous optimization

Designing technical architecture and system configuration


Detailed design and drafting specifications of radio communication system