neXus call centars


Nexus call center is unique ICT ( Information and Communication System ) that allows for greater efficiency , improved call center . Increasing the efficiency of call center neXus provides a way that the operator can do a lot more calls for process automation and simple overview of all the data needed to conduct a successful interview . Therefore, the operator can concentrate only on the conversation and not have to worry about anything else on the system because everything else works for him . Improvement of the call center allows for easier creation of campaigns and join the participants in the campaign (manager, operator , respondent) , simpler and clearer monitoring of operators , simple and flexible development of a survey ( questionnaire ) for subjects using the flowchart ( right to respond to water on that issue ) . Innovation by neXus system brings the integration with the GIS system . View results neXus campaign raises a whole new level . On the way to the results of each question in the campaign can be displayed on the GIS system , the system also allows patients to call directly from the GIS part of the system . The system has been successfully installed and implemented in Croatia for one political party for the purpose of planning of marketing campaigns and tracking the results.


Inovacija koju neXus sustav donosi je integracija sa GIS sustavom. Pregled rezultata kampanja neXus podiže na sasvim novu razinu. Na način da rezultati svakog pitanja u kampanji je moguće prikazati na GIS sustavu, sustav također omogućava pozivanje ispitanika direktno iz GIS dijela sustava.


Sustav je uspješno instaliran i implementiran u jednoj hrvtaskoj političkoj stranci za potrebe planiranja marketiških kampanja i za praćenje rezultata izbora.